Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picnic in the Park

Maddie and Mommy ready to enjoy our picnic in the beautiful sunshine!

She wasn't so sure about the whole sun hat thing. I thought it was just too cute though.

Enjoying some lunch in the park.

Hanging out with her buddy Gideon.

"I like your hat and shirt, Gideon!"

Having some good 'ol baby conversation.

Exploring the park.

Gideon is such a ham.

Gideon and his mommy Sarah having fun on the swings.

Maddie and mommy's turn on the swings.

This swing makes her look sooooo tiny, but she had a blast!

Our happy little girl LOVED swinging!

Yesterday Madison and I enjoyed a picnic at Les Gove Park in Auburn with my good friend Sarah and her one year old son Gideon. Maddie and Gideon have always gotten a long quite well. It seemed as though they enjoyed each others company as well as each others lunches. Because it was such a beautiful sunny day, I wanted to keep Maddie as shaded as possible from the sun. I brought along one of her many ADORABLE sunhats. Apparently she is not a hat girl! She would not keep the darn things on for more than 30 seconds at a time. After lunch, the kiddos enjoyed exploring, playing, and most of all swinging. Maddie looked sooo tiny in the gigantic swing, but she sure did have a blast!


  1. So cute with Maddie in the giant swing! Please send some sun our way. We've had none for a week--just pouring rain, with more on the way. Help, we've drowning!
    Auntie Ann

  2. Maddies favourite pasttime being outside. So much to see and keep her occupied. Love Grandma