Monday, August 22, 2011

13 Months Old.....and keeping us busy!

She's getting soooo big.

Crazy bath time hairdo #1.

Crazy bath time hairdo #2.

She's off and running!

Having fun during one of our many picnics in the park with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Kevin.

On Saturday, our little lady turned 13 months old. She continues to amaze us everyday. She is definitely a mover and keeps us busy from the time she gets up in the morning until the time she goes to bed EVERY night. She sure is a good sleeper though - usually sleeping from 8:30pm until 8:30am every night and she typically takes a 2-3 hours nap every afternoon.

Maddie is a FANTASTIC eater as well. She really has not turned her nose up to anything. Right now, her favorite meal seems to be breakfast. She usually takes down a whole Eggo waffle, scrambled egg, and either a whole banana or pear. She eats all of this just after getting her 6 oz morning milk bottle. This girl sure can eat. She continues to LOVE avocado, yogurt, watermelon and much, much more.

She continues to love her bath time. We definitely have some great blackmail photos or all her crazy hairdos, etc from bath time. :-) We have gotten into the routine of her getting her daily bath as I get ready in the morning and every time I start to brush my teeth Maddie points to her toothbrush and wants to brush her teeth as well.

This girl sure can run!! From the time she started walking she seemed to prefer to run instead. LOL. It's no wonder she sleeps to well....she just exhausts herself running around and playing all day.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cornish Pasty Night

Having tons of fun playing outside. She just LOVES being outdoors!

Daddy's and Maddie's pasty. WOW!

Madison's first bite of her very own Cornish pasty. DELICIOUS!

She loved it! She ate almost the entire thing!

Fun with Jennifer and Cousin Levi.

Hanging out with Cousin Olivia and watching Uncle Ke-ke and Cousin Evan play a game.

Fun times with Uncle Kevin. She loves him soooooo much!!

"Hmmmmm....wonder what will happen if I bop him on the head?!?"

Helping Great Granny with her watering.

"What shall I water next??"

Since our Boston family is in town visiting, we found it to be a perfect opportunity to share in the tradition of enjoying Cornish pasties together. They are absolutely delicious and quite the chore to make so we only get to enjoy them on certain occasions. My mom, Aunt Ann, and Aunt Beth worked hard to put together this wonderful meal for us to have together. Even Maddie had her first try at a pasty. Her's was definitely significantly smaller than the men of the family, but she REALLY seemed to enjoy hers thoroughly. I mean who wouldn't enjoy the nice flaky crust wrapped around beef, potatoes, turnips, and onions?!?! YUMMY!!!

Dash Point State Park

"Is it time to go play in the water yet??"

Testing out the water.

"Wow, check out these waves!"

She just loved splashing in the waves....and for whatever reason she would not put the shovel down. :-)

Playing with mommy.


My little lady and me!

She was lovin' every minute of being in the water. She even got so excited she attempted to run in the water and fell several times in a row splashing all over. LOL.

And she's off to explore!

Nathan and cousin Levi hanging out with John and Maddie.

We had a great time together at the beach. What a gorgeous day it was.


All dried off and just having fun.

Our little beach bum and her uncle Kevin.

Come on guys....let's go play!

Some Maddie and Daddy snuggle time at the beach.

On Sunday we spent the afternoon/evening at Dash Point State Park with the family. We all packed a picnic the Easterbrooks ladies always say, "Pack a Lunch!" LOL. It was a great evening together. How lucky are we that we are able to get together with so many family members around. We sure were missing the rest of the out of town family - Evan, Andrew, Mary Robert, and Claire - but know we will eventually all be together again sometime soon.

Turns out Maddie is quite the beach bum. She loved splashing around in the water and playing with her buckets, shovels, and ball in the sand.