Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Looks like someone was a good girl this year!!

WOW! Look at all this great stuff......Thanks Santa!

Checking out all the fun things that Santa brought!

DORA stickers!! She was thrilled with all the Dora stuff.

This little girl LOVES her candy canes. Hehe.

She sure does have a death grip on those candy canes.

Loving what Santa brought her.....a pink play kitchen!

Setting up her golf set. Daddy's little golfer.

Such a happy girl on Christmas morning.

She was REALLY getting into unwrapping her gifts.

Showing Grandma Kathy how to open up presents the right way. LOL.

Daddy and Uncle Chad were THRILLED to see that they got some new socks!

Checking out her Noah's ark from Uncle Chad.

Sometimes the boxes can be more fun than what's in it apparently. :-)

Having lots of fun on her new bean bag chair.

Quiet moment with Grandma Jill.

Nice stink face! She's such a little lady.

Serious boy Levi and his happy G.G.

G.G. and her boy Levi.

Lots of kisses to go around.

G.G. and two of her four great grandchildren.

Maddie loves her "mimmie." Thanks G.G.!

Opening presents with cousin Levi.

So cute!! Levi didn't mind the bow on his head one bit, but the bow stuck to his hand was another story. Hehehe.

Nice hat, Madison Rose!

Daddy was waving a piece of cardboard causing quite the breeze. Madison LOVED it!!!

Having fun with Daddy!

Seeing the occasional smile from Levi....he can be such a serious boy sometimes. :-)

Maddie wanted to play with Levi. Don't think he really understood the idea. Hehehe.

Two cousins in their Christmas jammies.

We had a terrific day with family on Christmas day this year....minus the MAJOR bummer that Grandma Jill was quite sick and in bed most of the day. We were SUPER excited to see Madison and her expressions this year on Christmas morning as she saw what Santa brought her. After some time together with just Mommy, Daddy, and Maddie, Grandma Kathy, Grandpa John, and Uncle Chad came over for brunch. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast casserole, sticky buns, and fruit and then spent some time opening gifts. Once again, Maddie thoroughly enjoyed opening gifts and playing with some of her new toys.

After her nap, we headed down to Great Granny's house for more Christmas fun. We were joined by Grandpa Randy, Uncle Kevin, Aunt Beth, Uncle Brian, Jennifer, Nathan, and cousin Levi. Unfortunately Grandma Jill was pretty sick and was only able to join us for a short while until she needed to head back to bed. Together we spent the afternoon opening gifts, enjoying each other's company, and eating (of course!). Always a great time together!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Merry Christmas.....Love Madison.

If looks could kill......

We told her to look at her Christmas tree and all her presents and this is what we got. Hehehe.


Me and my baby girl.

I love you Madison Rose!

Checking everything out at Grandma and Grandpas.

Playing us a little holiday tune.

"Hmmm....which one should I play now??"

Not sure what Maddie's facial expression is all about, but it's a family pic to say the least. LOL.

Our little Christmas angel.

Fun times with Grandma Jill.

Merry Christmas.

So happy that Great Granny was able to make it. She hadn't been feeling well the few days prior. Thanks to Uncle Kevin for wheeling her down. :-)

Sharing her candy canes with Santa.

Doing some redecorating. Maybe she will be a designer. LOL.

Mommy being silly!

She wanted the doll sooooo bad. Could hardly wait for Uncle Kevin to get it open.

Maddie's favorite gift....her Dora doll. Guess I thought she was in the picture too. :-)

Playing with Grandma and her sweet treats tower.

Fun times opening presents. What's inside??

We all got hats and gloves from Grandma Jill. Maddie insisted on wearing hers for most of the night.

She loves her little people school bus.

Checking out her new Dora books. She loves reading.

Apparently she thought that the school bus was a new seat. Too funny!

We celebrated Christmas Eve this year much like we traditionally do. Since I was supposed to work (thankfully I ended up getting put on call) we began the festivities a bit earlier on in the afternoon. We headed down to Grandma Jill and Grandpa Randy's house to join Uncle Kevin, Great Granny, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.

After enjoying everyone's company and tasty finger foods we enjoyed a Christmas dinner of ham, cheesy tater tot casserole, spinach salad, and rolls. Madison must have worked up quite the appetite with all the excitement of Christmas because she certainly seemed to enjoy her meal.

After dinner it was gifts galore....mostly for Madison of course. I think she found herself getting a bit overwhelmed with all the gift opening and new toys, etc, because mommy and daddy ended up opening a majority of her presents. She was such a spoiled little girl and ended up getting a radio flyer tricycle, an easel, 2 baby dolls, a dora doll, lots of adorable clothes, and a number of other toys.....and this is just for CHRISTMAS EVE! Good thing we recently dedicated a room in our house as a playroom just for her!