Monday, September 20, 2010

2 months old!

Bad hair day!

Big goofy grin.

Maddie in all her happiness.

Maddie and Mommy were having a conversation here. She was telling me all about her day.

Our little girl is two months old already! Just can't believe it. We have had the most wonderful time being a family of three so far. Could not imagine our lives without Madison in it now. Maddie continues to be a VERY, VERY happy, smiley baby girl. We are loving how she is recognizing faces and often greets everyone with a HUGE grin. Her newest interests now are her hand and feet. She has realized that her hands exist for some time now as they are often in or near her mouth. Many times we see her holding her adorable little hands together so contently. She tends to make the most notice of her feet now when she is happily sitting in her swing - often staring cross-eyed down at them as she kicks and moves about. It is just too fun to watch as she is learning, growing, and figuring out new things everyday!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

4 Generations

Four generations - Great Grannie, Maddie, Mommy, and Grandma Jill

Hanging out with Uncle Kevin.

Napping with Cousin Nathan.

Snuggling with Great Grandma Aldine. She could have held her ALL day!

Happy girl!

Maddie and mommy.

Aunt Beth, Cousin Jennifer, and Grandma Jill.

Loved being held by Cousin Jennifer. Can't wait to meet her little baby due in January!

Lovin' the facial expression!

We are so lucky to have to much family around who we really enjoy spending lots of time with. The pictures are just a few from yet another family get together to celebrate labor day. We finally got a photo of four generations - Granny, my mom, me, and Maddie. A photo we will definitely hang onto.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

She's all smiles!

Not so sure why the red eyes, but she's happy at least. :-)

Our naked girl!

Fist to the mouth.

Happy morning girl.

Madison is such a happy girl these days. Early on she was gracing us with her beautiful smile, but she is just all smiles now! She seems to be much of a morning person, as we are so lucky to wake up to her adorable smiling face every morning. Its just been so amazing to watch her grow. She is now really responding to familiar faces and greeting those people with her smiles and dimples, She still really loves her pacifier but over the last two weeks or so has discovered that she also likes to attempt to put her whole fist in her mouth. We just can't be more lucky with our smiley little girl. Can't believe she is almost two months old.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


The Pepper Family....ready to cheer on the Huskies.

Lucas must have said some naughty...check out those pursed lips. LOL.

Striking a pose!

Hanging out with her buddy Lucas. GO DAWGS!

Posing with Dub the Husky.

All tuckered out after a long day of cheering.

Yelling a cheer.

Daddy and Maddie hanging out.

Today we hung out with some good friends of ours Tracy, Craig, and Lucas Strand to cheer on the Huskies in the season opener. Lucas and Madison were due one day apart from each other but Lucas ended up deciding that he wanted to come a bit early and arrive one full month before Madison. It has definitely been fun to get the two babies together for "play dates." I guess they are really just "play dates" for Tracy and I since the babies are too young to even notice each other at this point. We hope that they will grow up to be great friends just as we are with Craig and Tracy.

Madison cheered on the Huskies in her cute little cheer leader outfit. As usual she was a happy little girl throughout the game with lots of smiles to give. Who knows....maybe she will grow up to be a cheerleader! :-)