Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Madison Rose!

Rummaging through Auntie Andrea's purse at lunch.

The BIRTHDAY GIRL pre-piercing.

I don't think she really knew what was coming to her.

"What's that lady doing over there?!?"

Immediate post piercing. My poor baby girl.....but doesn't she look so stinkin' cute?!

All better now!

Happy little birthday girl with her "pretties."

Enjoying that birthday ice cream. Cotton candy....Yum!

Licking the lid clean. Gotta get every last bit of it. LOL.

Such a happy birthday girl!

Proud little walker!

Watching the other kiddos playing in the park.

Honk, honk.

Getting some birthday loves from Uncle Ke-Ke.

One proud happy mommy and her birthday girl!

Since we had Maddie's big celebration on Saturday July 16th we celebrated her actual birthday in a very low key manner. We started out the day by meeting up with "Auntie" Andrea for some lunch. After lunch we headed to the Tacoma Mall for Madison to get her ears pierced. Since I was not looking forward to holding the little birthday princess down, Andrea agreed to come along and do the dirty work. Maddie did surprisingly well....although she did shed some tears. My poor baby girl....she got lots of TLC and a lollipop for being such a big girl. :-) Goodness does she ever look cute with those "pretties" in her ears. Hehehe.

That evening we met up with Grandma Jill, Grandpa Randy, and Uncle Kevin for some dinner followed by some playtime and tasty ice cream in the park. Maddie absolutely loved the pink and purple cotton candy flavored ice cream that we picked out for her. Hope this sweet tooth of hers doesn't get us in trouble.

This little girl continues to amaze us everyday with her funny personality and her day to day changes. Happy birthday to Madison....she cut 2 new teeth on her special day as well. She is now walking unassisted and is soooooo proud of herself whenever she does it. It is not often that we do not see a HUGE smile on her face when she is walking, actually practically running around. Look out she comes!

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  1. I love her ruffled skirt and leggings. My poor baby having her ears pierced. Good thing you didn't tell Grandma before hand as you know I would have tried to talk you out of it. They do look sweet though. Hopefully no issues to come.
    Love Grandma