Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dash Point State Park

"Is it time to go play in the water yet??"

Testing out the water.

"Wow, check out these waves!"

She just loved splashing in the waves....and for whatever reason she would not put the shovel down. :-)

Playing with mommy.


My little lady and me!

She was lovin' every minute of being in the water. She even got so excited she attempted to run in the water and fell several times in a row splashing all over. LOL.

And she's off to explore!

Nathan and cousin Levi hanging out with John and Maddie.

We had a great time together at the beach. What a gorgeous day it was.


All dried off and just having fun.

Our little beach bum and her uncle Kevin.

Come on guys....let's go play!

Some Maddie and Daddy snuggle time at the beach.

On Sunday we spent the afternoon/evening at Dash Point State Park with the family. We all packed a picnic the Easterbrooks ladies always say, "Pack a Lunch!" LOL. It was a great evening together. How lucky are we that we are able to get together with so many family members around. We sure were missing the rest of the out of town family - Evan, Andrew, Mary Robert, and Claire - but know we will eventually all be together again sometime soon.

Turns out Maddie is quite the beach bum. She loved splashing around in the water and playing with her buckets, shovels, and ball in the sand.

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