Monday, September 20, 2010

2 months old!

Bad hair day!

Big goofy grin.

Maddie in all her happiness.

Maddie and Mommy were having a conversation here. She was telling me all about her day.

Our little girl is two months old already! Just can't believe it. We have had the most wonderful time being a family of three so far. Could not imagine our lives without Madison in it now. Maddie continues to be a VERY, VERY happy, smiley baby girl. We are loving how she is recognizing faces and often greets everyone with a HUGE grin. Her newest interests now are her hand and feet. She has realized that her hands exist for some time now as they are often in or near her mouth. Many times we see her holding her adorable little hands together so contently. She tends to make the most notice of her feet now when she is happily sitting in her swing - often staring cross-eyed down at them as she kicks and moves about. It is just too fun to watch as she is learning, growing, and figuring out new things everyday!


  1. Love that wide-eyed wonder look of being in love with her world! Clever girl to discover her hands and feet! Just wait for when she wants to taste her feet! Wish that I were that flexible.
    Auntie Ann