Saturday, September 4, 2010


The Pepper Family....ready to cheer on the Huskies.

Lucas must have said some naughty...check out those pursed lips. LOL.

Striking a pose!

Hanging out with her buddy Lucas. GO DAWGS!

Posing with Dub the Husky.

All tuckered out after a long day of cheering.

Yelling a cheer.

Daddy and Maddie hanging out.

Today we hung out with some good friends of ours Tracy, Craig, and Lucas Strand to cheer on the Huskies in the season opener. Lucas and Madison were due one day apart from each other but Lucas ended up deciding that he wanted to come a bit early and arrive one full month before Madison. It has definitely been fun to get the two babies together for "play dates." I guess they are really just "play dates" for Tracy and I since the babies are too young to even notice each other at this point. We hope that they will grow up to be great friends just as we are with Craig and Tracy.

Madison cheered on the Huskies in her cute little cheer leader outfit. As usual she was a happy little girl throughout the game with lots of smiles to give. Who knows....maybe she will grow up to be a cheerleader! :-)

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