Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Half-Year Birthday Madison!

Sitting up like a big girl! (well, with a little help from the couch)

Half a year old!

Bundled up and ready for a stroll with mommy in the sunshine.


WOW! 6 months old ALREADY?!?! What an amazing past 6 months it has been. I honestly cannot imagine my life without my little girl. SHE IS MY WORLD! It's been so much fun to watch her grow and develop. It's crazy how quickly she is learning new things. Maddie is now rolling over like crazy and at times finding herself stuck under the coffee table or wedged in a place that she just does not know how to get out of. Guess rolling is her mode of transportation for now and I'll take it. Before long she will be getting into EVERYTHING once she starts crawling. I just want to her stay little for ever! Although she might have rolling over down, she still needs to perfect her sitting up skills. She sits up at times but only for a few seconds before attempting to topple forward or from one side to the next. Considering how quickly she is changing, I bet it wont be long until she will be sitting unassisted to play. :-)

Maddie is thoroughly enjoying her solid foods. So far she really has seemed to enjoy the squash, pears, sweet potatoes, and apples that she has had. Tonight we will be trying peas for the first time! Will post again soon with her response to the peas as well as her 6 month well baby checkup. We did have an appointment for a "weight check" last week. Although she is continuing to gain weight - she was 12lbs. 13oz. on January 16th - she still remains my little peanut in the 5th percentile. :-)


  1. What a dear little imp! Rolling is a great mode of transport--she can see the world from so many different angles! Her hair looks so light in these photos--do I detect some slight "ginger" highlights? Hope so!
    Auntie Ann

  2. I can't believe how big she is getting. She is so beautiful! We miss you guys!


  3. Love the pictures! She is so much John in that first picture, lol, only way cuter :)