Monday, June 20, 2011

Eleven Months Old.....really?!?!

She's getting so big. 11 MONTHS OLD!!

So fascinated in the little things.

Her most common facial expression.

Working on some more teeth??

Part of her morning routine....reorganizing mommy's bathroom drawers. LOL.

She loves brushing her 5 (almost 6) teeth!

"This is the way we brush our teeth." The song we sing while brushing.

Today our little lady turned 11 months old. It's all a little bittersweet every time I post these monthly blogs, as I just can't believe how fast she is growing. Little miss Maddie is such a funny little thing. Her personality just cracks me up. It's crazy to see how much her personality is really showing, changing, and developing. She continues to get around VERY, VERY well. She is a serious speed racer when it comes to crawling and walking while pushing her push-toys. She has attempted at taking a few steps, but maxing out on 3 steps before she plops to the ground. I think she realizes that she can get from here to there much faster by just crawling. LOL.

She is a very social little girl, waving at every person she sees whether it be at the grocery store or out in the front yard playing. One of her newer things lately is pointing. She points at objects with the cutest little look on her face. It's as if she's saying "Look at that mommy," or "What's that?"

She has definitely been keeping us on our toes, as she gets into EVERYTHING she really shouldn't be getting in to. If we forget to close the bathroom door she quickly crawls in there ans starts playing in the toilet water! I know....just lovely. If we forget to close the laundry room door then next thing we know she is tasting AJs food. Sigh. And just today, while playing in the computer room while mommy was on the computer, she took a basket off the shelf, turned it upside down and stood up on it to reach something on top of the computer desk. What a little stinker.....and DAREDEVIL!

Maddie still continues to LOVE playing outside, but two of her most favorite activities is playing chase and climbing the stairs. If she seems the baby gate open at the bottom of the stairs she quickly crawls over there and peeks over at us with this look on her face. It's as if she's saying "come and get me!!!!" Upon doing this, she quickly begins climbing the stairs - with us right behind her of course - peeking over her shoulder every few stairs to be sure we are still "chasing" her. She is such a crack up. It's amazing how much she changes on a daily basis. What a fun and hilarious little girl we have.


  1. Can hardly believe our little Maddie is 11 months She is such an inquisitive child and like her Mommie said she cracks us up with her delightful personality.

  2. Maddie--we love your impishness--and poor Mommy and Daddy--you're never going to have a minute to take your eyes off of her--until you bolt everything to the walls, lock everything away in cabinets and "clear the decks"! How funny.

    You're right about the pointing. It's a very important developmental milestone that shows intentional communication! Way to go Maddie, Mom, and Dad! Happy First Father's Day...
    Auntie Ann