Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First time at the beach.....well sort of!

Madison was definitely too interested in everything else that was going on to want to pose for a family picture. :-)

Maddie and Daddy.

First time her little tootsies have been in the water.

She LOVED it!

The aftermath of a splashing wave. She really didn't seem to mind it.

Playing with grandma at the rocky "beach."

"Hmmmmm.....I wonder if I can throw this rock as far as daddy and Uncle Kevin?!"

Our little beach bum!

She was so determined to crawl on all the rocks.

Having so much fun!

On Sunday afternoon/evening, Grandma Jill, Uncle Kevin, John, Maddie, and I went to visit Grandpa Randy in the hospital as he is recovering from surgery. We were hoping to put a few smiles on his face by bringing the little lady by. He may have cracked a smile or two but remained pretty serious and in pain. To give Grandpa Randy a little rest, Grandma Jill, Uncle Kevin, John, Maddie and I went to dinner on Ruston Way. We decided since the weather was pretty nice we would see how Maddie like the "beach."

John stuck her toes in the water and she really was quite amused. She was reaching for the water and the rocks when a wave came splashing up in her face. She didn't seem to mind the remnants of rocks that remained on her face after the big splash. She enjoyed watching her daddy and uncle throw rocks into the water and wanted to take a try at throwing them too. She made many attempts at sneaking a number of rocks into her mouth but was quickly stopped by grandma and mommy. She even felt the need to try crawling on the very rocky beach. It seemed as though she really enjoyed this little outing. We can't wait to spend more time on the beach and maybe a more sandy one next time....and with Grandpa Randy! GET WELL SOON GRANDPA!


  1. We sure had a lot of fun. Looking forward to more beach time this summer with my sweet Maddie.
    Love Grandma Jill

  2. Eating sand is a family tradition....guess we like the salt! Look how long her hair is getting!
    Auntie Ann