Sunday, September 11, 2011

NW Trek Wildlife Park

Mommy and Maddie having fun checking out the baby coyote.

We had to tame our "little beast." LOL. I always thought these harnesses were weird until I had a busy-body child myself. It was a saving grace. It allowed her to get down and run around without going too far. :-)

Maddie and Daddy checking out the animals.

Bathing Elk.

All the little geese lined up in a row.

Scoping out the animals.

Having fun on the tram tour.

Oh little Bambi!

BEAUTIFUL Bald Eagles.

I loved these barn owls. They almost looked fake until one of them moved. Hehe.

Maddie's favorite....the River Otters. They are so stinkin' cute!

John's favorite....the Fischer. He was quite the character running around his cage.

Yesterday we had an awesome afternoon at NW Trek together. It's been sooooo long since both John and I have been there so we figured we would take advantage of the gorgeous weather we are having and check out all the animals.

Maddie seemed to love EVERY minute of the day. She especially loved watching the playful river otters as they would swim around in the water and push off the glass cage. She would tap on the glass and loved following them from side to was as if they were playing chase. So cute!

We weren't so sure how she would do in the 55 minute tram ride to scope out the other various animals. Much to our surprise, she did GREAT! She loved sticking her head out the tram and feeling the nice warm breeze. We saw so many different animals yesterday....elk, deer, moose, ram, mountain goats, coyotes, bears, etc...just to name a few. We will definitely be going there more often in the future as truly its just down the road from our house. What a fun place!

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  1. Maddie, I think there's a"monkey on your back"! Our family has fond memories of trips to NW Trek also.
    Auntie Ann