Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Our 14 month old toddler!

She is such a little ham sometimes.

1...2...3...JUMP. She makes every attempt to get some air but never makes it off the ground. LOL!!!

She thinks mommy is soooo funny jumping up and down!

Getting into one of her FAVORITE drawers.

Yesterday Maddie turned 14 months old. She is such a little spit-fire. Playing and having fun from the time she wakes up til the time she goes to bed. It's amazing how much she is learning from day to day. She has been following simple commands for the past 2 or so months now and really is enjoying doing things one her own like attempting to get her own shoes on and especially feeding herself. I have had to definitely loosen up a bit with the feeding situation and just realize that feeding time with a toddler is grounds for a mess. It's taken me a bit of time to relax about it, but seeing how much she really LOVES feeding herself definitely helps. :-)

One of her new favorite foods is now olives. And the other day, without any assistance or guidance, I turned around and she had three olives on her finger tips. She was so proud and I definitely wish I would have been quick enough to get a picture, but she quickly ate them up. What a silly girl?!?!

Her new favorite game is 1...2...3...JUMP! She just cracks up every time I do it. She makes every effort to do it herself, but never gets up off the ground. Hehehe. So cute!

We have really been missing Grandma Jill the last 3 weeks as she has been away doing WONDERFUL things in Armenia. I have made a point everyday to talk to Maddie about grandma and when I do talk to her she goes over and picks up a photo of grandma and grandpa off the bookshelf. Can't wait to welcome grandma back with open arms and lots and lots of hugs a kisses tomorrow!!!


  1. So sweet. I had to loosen up too when Claire started feeding herself. Even now (at 2 1/2 years old) I get a little tense especially last night when we had pasties. I had to accept that the pastry flakes would be all over. Lots of love!

  2. Little darling. Inquiring minds want to know what's in that FAVORITE drawer....hmmm?