Tuesday, January 10, 2012

17 months old!

Our beautiful 17 month old!

Having fun doing some coloring. One of her very favorite things to do these days.

Wanting to see if Santa came yet. :-)

"Hmmmmm....wonder if there's anything under the tree for me??"

Gently checking out the Christmas ornaments. Surprisingly she was VERY good with the decorations.

She loved all the pretty sparkles.

Going shopping with her Santa bag. Looks like she got herself a sippy cup.

I know I am WAAAAAAAY behind on posting Madison't 17 month blog post. I hope you all understand that with the holidays, working etc. things have just been so hectic and busy. Besides Maddie is so much fun to be around that I would rather be playing and having fun with her than sitting at the computer. :-)

Her personality is most certainly growing. She can be such a silly girl sometimes, yet still very cuddly and lovey. The highlight of my day anymore is waking up to her every morning and listening to her babble to herself while at the same time saying "mama? dada?" as if she's wondering where the heck we are.

At the same time as being the sweetest little thing on Earth....she definitely has an attitude. When she is told something that she doesn't want to hear her temper sure can flare. She gets quite the scowl on her face and swats at anything and everything in her way. Oh she is such a joy!

One of Maddie's new found absolute FAVORITE things to do it to color. So far she has been pretty good about coloring only on her coloring book and keeping them out of her mouth. We have had many fun afternoons coloring in her Dora and Minnie Mouse coloring book. I look forward to the days when we can actually sit down and do other crafts together.

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