Friday, January 6, 2012

O Christmas Tree.....O Christmas Tree

Fun times at the "tree farm."

"Is that the one, over there??"

Loving the candy canes!

"Let's see.....which one is the PERFECT one???"

The Pepper Family Christmas's perfect!

Santa's little helper....with a runny nose. :-)

Helping daddy saw off the bottom branches.

Doing some redecorating.

"Yep....I think it should go right there."

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

For a number of years now we have gotten our Christmas trees from the Puyallup Lions Club. We have always been very happy with both the quality and price, so we decided to get our tree from them again this year. Eventually we will brave the mud, etc and go chop down our Pepper Family Christmas tree, but let's save that for another year when Maddie is a little older and can actually appreciate getting all bundled up to find the perfect tree.

Maddie had a great time wandering around while we picked the perfect tree. She was welcomed with a handful of candy canes....that didn't leave her hands until we got home. Getting our tree had finally put us in more the the Christmas spirit, so it was also time to get out a few decorations. Maddie absolutely LOVED rearranging our sparkly Christmas cones. Not sure how many times over the holidays they were placed in different places around the house, but she sure had fun!

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  1. How many candy canes can one little girl hold?