Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2-month Check-up

Getting bigger. 9lbs. 13.5 oz. - you have to deduct one oz. for the diaper.

Here's what she thought about her shots she was about to get. Notice the middle finger. LOL.

Our happy girl....she has no idea what it coming. UGH!

Just love how she is ALL smiles.

Life's rough. Snoozing after getting back from the doctor.

Two Months:
Weight: 9 lbs. 13.5oz (10-25th percentile)
Length: 24 inches (90th percentile)
Head circumference: 15 inches (25th percentile)

Today we had Madison's two month well child check-up . I know, I know we are a little off on our dates, considering she is 11 weeks today. We were a bit nervous as to how she might handle getting her four vaccinations - all combined into two shots and one oral. Our little girl is such a trooper. Probably harder on mommy than on Maddie. Grandma Jill came for extra support! Madison handled her shot like a trooper and she actually really enjoyed the oral vaccine. LOL. She only cried for a few seconds right after the shots and was content as soon as mommy scooped her up!

Maddie is a growing girl, although still long and lean. She is right on her developmental markers. She tracks people as they move from one side of her to the other. She is continuing to take great interest in her hands - often making it difficult to get a good picture of her without her hand in her mouth. :-) She is gaining more and more strength in her neck - thanks to the wonderful "tummy time" that she is only fond of for two minutes or so. And maybe she is beginning to get a little bit of stranger anxiety. We found it funny that she was kicking around all smiley just prior to the doctor coming in to examine her. Dr. Roscoe started talking to her and she began pouting and crying. LOL. Very interesting how she is noticing different and unfamiliar people at this age already.

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