Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dressed by Grandpa

Styled today by Grandpa Randy.

Gotta love the fact that Grandpa Randy and Grandma Jill are here to save the day in the mornings. Grandpa and sometimes Grandma show up to our house bright and early in the morning.....6:15am to be exact to entertain and keep an eye on Madison while i am still at work. I usually return around 8:30am where I quickly feed Maddie then head to bed myself for a couple of hours. This afternoon when I woke up, much to my surprise, Grandpa Randy had picked out the above outfit for Madison. Not quite the outfit we would have picked out for her for the day. Madison, however, did not seem to mind the various array of non-matching colors she was wearing. LOL. Definitely do not see a fashion stylist in his retired future. Nice try anyways Grandpa!!! :-)

1 comment:

  1. Well, Maddie doesn't care if she matches! She's a free spirit--just see how happy she looks. And more interested in playing with Grandpa Randy (and thinking about when he's going to take her for her first donut!)