Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First ride in the radio flyer wagon.

Cheesing for the camera!

Loving her first wagon ride in the house.

"Keep going, Daddy."

She loves it so much she needed to chew on it.

Going for a cruise around the house.

Posing for the camera.

Checking everything out!

Bundled up and cozy.

For Christmas Great Granny Margaret and Great Auntie Ann bought Madison a red radio flyer wagon. Every kid needs a wagon, so we were thrilled to open in. We finally got it all put together today. Since it wasn't raining out, we found today to be the perfect day to go for a little stroll. Maddie loved getting all bundled up and going out for a walk this afternoon. She is such a curious little girl and is ALWAYS checking out all of her surroundings. She loves going for walks. We can't wait until the weather is a bit nicer so we can enjoy the sunshine on our walks together.


  1. She looks so cute in the wagon, I love her little outfit!

  2. So happy to see that Maddie loves her wagon! Well, maybe you should give her something tastier to eat!
    Auntie Ann

  3. I hope Claire and Maddie can ride together this summer. These pictures are priceless!

  4. Maddie is such a ham at times. She loves anything new and fun. Clarie and Maddie and maybe Levi can all have rides together this summer. Won't that be fun.
    Grandma Jill