Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snowy Day.

Hanging out in the snow.

She couldn't get enough of the snow falling.

Maddie and mommy all bundled up!

Rolling around in the fluffy, white stuff.

"It's time to go in already, mom!?!"

What crazy weather we have had the last two days. One minute the sun will be out and the next second the snow is falling. Now that Maddie is a little older, we just had to get her out into the snow again. She seemed to pay a lot more attention to it this time. Several months ago when we had snow she didn't make notice of it at all. Today she certainly enjoyed watching the snowflakes fall and even rolled around in the snowy grass a little.


  1. Her little snow outfit is so cute! She would fit right in here in Utah

  2. Maddie looks quite pudgy in these photos. Maybe its the snow suit. Doesn't really look all that thrilled either especially when she is tipping over.