Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Our happy little Valentine!

Madison's first Valentine's Day.

Tasting a lemon.

She actually quite liked it. LOL

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Grandma Jill, Grandpa Randy, and Uncle Kevin.

What a fun first Valentine's Day we had with Maddie. We started out by celebrating a day early with Grandma Jill, Grandpa Randy and Uncle Kevin. Had a wonderful afternoon by playing some Wii games and having a great turkey dinner.

Yesterday I was supposed to work, but thankfully was put on call so I got to spend the evening making dinner for John and hanging out with two people I love the most in this world. As John and I were eating dinner, we gave Madison a slice of lemon to keep her busy. Much to our surprise....she liked it! She is getting REALLY good at throwing fits when things are taken away from her, so she quickly burst into a tantrum when we took the lemon away. LOL.

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