Wednesday, April 20, 2011

9 Months Old Already?!?!?!

YEA!!! I'm 9 months old!!

Little miss busy body.

Chasing after AJ. Come here kitty, kitty!

Standing up so tall....although it looks like she's about to lose her pants. LOL!

She couldn't possibly be 9 months old?!?! Guess we have to face the fact that our baby girl is certainly growing up. She's definitely becoming quite the mover and shaker. We are finding out something new about her personality and attitude everyday! Yes....I said attitude. LOL. She's definitely a spit-fire, with moments of temper tantrums, but at the same time she is a sweet, cuddly mommy and daddy's girl.

Since Maddie has been on the move, she has definitely been keeping us on our feet. We've got a busy, busy girl on hand. She LOVES chasing AJ all around the house and even decided that she wanted to try and few nibbles of his food. Looks like the cat dish is now going to have to be moved!

We found that we certainly can't take our eyes off her for even one second. So much for the stationary baby playing on the living room floor. The other day, she was found climbing our stairs. She had gotten up onto the fourth stair in the blink of an eye. When John and I were telling her off and attempting to take he down from the stairs, she turned and looked at us with a big smile and quickly climbed an additional 4 stairs. Apparently she thought it was quite a fun game. We have since put a baby gate at the bottom of the staircase. She now finds it amusing to pull herself up onto the gate and stands there shaking it. LOL. What a personality this little girl has.

Madison continues to LOVE to eat. She's tried a large variety and foods and would much rather feed herself than be fed. What a big girl!

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  1. Such a wonderful, smiley face! Mmmm....I'd love to kiss it! "Watch out world, here I come"! And watch out AJ...he may disappear under the bed, or onto the windowsill, to return in a couple of years. You're going to need that gate at the top of the stairs soon enough--I remember when a certain cousin of yours dislodged the gate at the top of our stairs and rode it down the stairs like a sled!
    Auntie Ann