Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring is here....or is it?!?!

Gotta have matching mommy and Maddie sandals! :-)

So proud of her shades. She would rather hold them than wear them. LOL.

Checking out the great outdoors. She just LOVES being outside.

Playtime with mommy!

She loved going down the slide with mommy.

Dancing and playing at Grandma Kathy and Grandpa John's.

What a BEAUTIFUL sunny day we had yesterday. Is spring finally here??? Maddie just LOVES being outside and with the nice sunny day we couldn't pass up the opportunity to play outside for a little while. Even though daddy was feeling pretty sore from his surgery on Thursday we took a little stroll to enjoy the sunshine.

We also enjoyed a nice Easter meal with Grandma Kathy, Grandpa John, Uncle Chad, Aunt Sierra, Delaney, Remi, and Kase. Maddie REALLY enjoyed watching the kids run around in search of clues that would lead them to a "golden" egg with a money prize inside.


  1. So cute! I see that she's still enjoying that camera case and strap! Did she get her own in her Easter basket?
    Auntie Ann

  2. Great photos! Madison is so sweet and happy! I can't wait to see her even though it feels so far from now. She'll be turning 1! Happy Easter!

  3. So now are Mommy and Maddie going to try to find matching outfits as well? Love the feet.