Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And.......she's off!

She's getting to be such a BIG girl!

For some odd reason, Maddie just REALLY loves my camera case.

Pulling herself up on to everything these days!

Just playing around. She just loves being able to explore and see things from a new perspective.

Within the last two and a half weeks Madison has certainly accomplished a lot in the baby world! She started crawling, waves "hi" and "bye-bye", got her first tooth, and is pulling herself up on things. She continues to be little miss independent often wanting to try and feed herself....which is a mess in and of itself. LOL.

Maddie crawled for the first time in front of Mommy, Grandma Jill, Uncle "Ke-Ke", Great Granny Margaret, Great Auntie Ann, and Cousin Olivia on Monday March 21st, 2011. Daddy was a little upset as to not be there when she took her first crawl, but Maddie soon showed her daddy her skills when we returned home that evening. She was definitely wobbly at first, but has since mastered the skill. Boy can she move!

Madison's first tooth appeared - her bottom right one - on April 1st. She was gnawing on a cold piece of raw celery when she let out a painful cry. Since I believed that she was teething I proceeded to give her some tylenol and as I went to rub the oragel onto her little gums, I felt that little nub of a tooth. It as since continued to pop out more and more over the last few days. Within that same day, she started pulling herself up to a standing position toys, the couch, her crib - pretty much anything she can reach. :-) She has even climbed the first stair of our stair case. Time for a baby gate!

Maddie has definitely managed to come up with a few bumps and bruises since she's been so mobile, but nothing a little TLC can't fix. Let the baby-proofing begin!


  1. How cute! I love that she wants to read the books...
    And she's still after that camera strap! Better get her a leather chewy!