Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fife Harvest Festival

Petting "Rocket" the tortoise.

Maddie certainly got a kick out of watching "Rocket" crawl around and munch on the grass.

Such a cool looking creature.

Learning to touch nicely.

Playing in the hay.

Enjoying some tasty corn on the cob.

Peek-a-boo. We see you!

Tracy and her happy boy Lucas.

They had a blast together. Such good friends already!

My big girl! We just can't believe how fast she is growing up!

Mommy and Maddie having fun.

High five!

Maddie LOVES riding on her daddy's shoulders. Seeing the world from a whole new perspective.
Daddies and their wonderful toddlers!

We had a blast checking out the Fife Harvest Festival yesterday with our good friends Tracy, Craig, and Lucas Strand. There was lots to look at and lots to do....although it will definitely be more fun when the kiddos get a bit older. Maybe in a couple years they will be able to enjoy the bouncy houses, train rides, clown show, face painting, and more. Even though the kids were too small to participate in much, we all still enjoyed some free corn on the cob, playing in the hay, checking out the vendors, watching the pony rides and much more. I think the highlight for them was being able to pet "Rocket" the tortoise. Maddie seemed to get a kick out of him walking around and munching on the grass. Maddie and Lucas sure do play well together. Looking forward to them growing up to be the best of friends. :-)

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