Tuesday, November 8, 2011


All festive and ready to celebrate Halloween.

She was REALLY into this pixie stick. Lol.

She had soooooo much fun running from house to house like all the big kids.

Mommy's little owl. LOVE HER!

The cutest little owl there ever was!


Yummy. One of mommy's favorites. :-)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN....from the Pepper Family!

Checking out some of her trick-or-treating loot.

"Hmmmmm....what's in here??"

Showing off her candy to grandma.

Taste testing some of her yummy treats!

Madison was absolutely thrilled this Halloween!! As our tradition holds it, we headed down to Grandma Jill and Grandpa Randy's house for pizza with them, Uncle Kevin, and Great Granny. Maddie was their first trick-or-treater.....and I must say the cutest one that stepped onto their doorstep that night. :-) We were absolutely in love with her puffy owl costume complete with matching trick-or-treat bag from Pottery Barn Kids. Glad she got good use out of it as she ended up wearing it to multiple halloween/fall gatherings.

After eating some delicious pizza we couldn't wait to get Maddie out trick-or-treating. We figured she would have no interest in it what so ever, but wanted to experience it with her anyways as the neighbors and friends wanted to see her. Much to our surprise, our little owl caught on REALLY quickly and she excitedly ran to the neighbors doors and received her treats! It was sooo much fun seeing the joy and excitement on her face as the older children would run past her. She would quickly pick up her pace in an attempt to catch up with them. It was sooooooo cute!!!

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