Friday, November 18, 2011

Playdate with Gideon

Having soooo much fun on her first carousel ride.

They were all smiles the entire time!

Gideon taking charge of driving the boat.
You can hardly see my little lady over that big choo-choo train. :-)

"Nooooooo, mommy.....I don't want to get off!"

Playing so nicely together. So fun!

Maddie taking control of the boat now....steering standing up. LOL.

My happy little lady having fun!

Gideon was asking his mommy to put more money in it. LOL.

She's a thirty girl after all that carousel fun.

Climbing through the tree tunnel.

Attempting to climb the slippery bridge. She wasn't successful.

Gideon hanging out in the "creek" with the giant fishy.

Such wonderful friends!

Last week my good friend Sarah and I met at the Supermall - its good middle of the road meeting place - so we could catch up and get the kiddos together to play. Sarah's son Gideon is just a few months older than Maddie. He's such a sweet little boy. And Maddie really loves playing with him!

We let the kiddos out of their strollers after a bit to run around and play in the indoor "playground". They also both took their first carousel ride together. They ABSOLUTELY loved it. Both Maddie and Gideon were all smiles the entire time and didn't want to get off when it was time to go. LOL.