Monday, November 21, 2011

She's 16 months old?!?!

Posing pretty for mommy!

Thinking she was hiding from me while playing "Peek-a-boo."

Our happy little 16 month old toddler. Geesh.....time flies!

Goofy little girl. Smiling big!

My, my, my.....yesterday our little lady turned 16 months old! She's quite the toddler with quite the personality and often shows quite the ATTITUDE. Over all she is an absolute joy to be around....and even when she's throwing a fit she's still the cutest darn little girl that ever existed.

Maddie has definitely been letting her diva attitude out lately. When something is not her way, it's no way! She is challenging her mommy more and more with grocery shopping. Apparently she wants me to hustle it up so she can get home and play. We have yet to have to leave the store with a shopping cart full of groceries, but have gotten close a time or two. She just wants to explore and play and isn't too fond of staying put in the grocery cart. Hehehe.

She continues to enjoy playing with her friends in the nursery and her toddler gym class at the YMCA. And is talking more and more now. To just the random person they would consider her talking "gibberish" but mommy and daddy certainly know what she's saying. :-) Since she was very little we have been teaching her key sign language words and most recently now she has begun asking us "please" both in sign language and in English when there is something that she wants. So cute...."peas, mama." Oh we just LOVE HER!


  1. And I bet that "please" in either ASL or spoken English melts your heart (and gets her what she wants)! Hmmm....who in the family does Maddie take after????? Just can't believe that she's 16 months old!
    Auntie Ann

  2. She is so funny and so busy never missing a beat. I love you my sweetieXXOO

  3. Oh, yes, we can certainly empathize on the attitude and personality of a toddler. It seems like as they get older, the frustrating moments are 10 billion times more frustrating and the endearing moments ("please," hugs, kisses, etc.) are 10 billion times more endearing.

  4. She soon will be 17 months! I need a new Maddie-fix. More photos please!