Sunday, October 2, 2011

Go Huskies!!!!!

Maddie posing with her favorite quarterback!

Getting ready to do a cheer! GO HUSKIES!!!

Checking out the score on the game.

Having fun with Lucas.

Giddy-up horsey.

Lucas can be such a silly boy.

So cute reading a story together.

We have kind of made it a little bit of a tradition to watch the Huskies football games with the Strand family. Since the kids play so great together and we all enjoy each others company its just another excuse to get together. Of course everyone has to come dressed for the occasion in Huskies gear. Madison is just the cutest cheerleader ever and Lucas the star quarterback. :-)


  1. I'm not sure that Maddie looks all that impressed by the Huskies performance. Did they win?

  2. I'm loving the pics of the 2 buddies. UW in the future for Maddie and Lucas?
    Love Grandma