Saturday, October 29, 2011


Our humble abode for the weekend.

Castaway Cottage.

My BEAUTIFUL family.

My FAVORITE little girl and me.

Daddy and Maddie.

Stairway down to the beach. 91 stairs to be exact (counted by my dad, so I hope that's right) LOL.

We made it down to the beach. Maddie was still learning how to walk in her rain boots.

Heading down the the beach!

John, on one of his many attempts to get the stunt kite in the air.

Grandpa, Grandma and their little girl!

She was in awe of the biggest playground ever!

She loved checking out the kites flying in the air.

Now it's Maddie's turn to fly her princess kite.

Attempting to get the stunt kite in the air. John didn't have much luck.


She's off and running!

Showing Uncle Kevin her sand dollar. She carried that thing around for FOREVER!

"Look at the kites!"

Mom and Dad stopping to pose for a photo as they head down to the beach.

My beautiful baby girl and I enjoying the beach!

A little dirty, but enjoying every minute of it!

Going for a bike ride with Daddy.

Fun times with Daddy!


Rainy fun at the beach with Grandma.

Our little lady with her elephant backpack.

Heading down to enjoy the beach one last time before we go.

Daddy and his girl. Looks like they are having a very serious conversation. :-)

She's LOVING it!!!

Looks like she is on a mission.

Maddie and Daddy having fun!

"Say what?!"

We all had SOOOOO much fun!

Mom and John riding bikes in the neighborhood.

Getting ready to head back home. Maddie was helping with the cleaning too.

Out for one last stroll with Grandma Jill before we hit the road.

Last weekend our family Mom, Dad, Kevin, John, Madison, and myself went away to the ocean. We stayed in the most wonderful little "neighborhood" in Seabrook. It was the most wonderful time together! Madison absolutely LOVED the ocean. Although it was rainy on Saturday when we were there, we didn't let that stop us from enjoying ourselves. Maddie couldn't get enough of the endless playground the beach and ocean provided. We spent our weekend walking along the beach, riding bikes, flying kites, hot tubbing, and of course eating! :-) We are definitely going to have to make it an annual family tradition to spend the weekend in Seabrook.


  1. We had the best time, rain and shine. Definitely a yearly family trip.
    Love you all lots and lots

  2. These pictures are beautiful Amy!!!! I loved seeing how much fun you guys had there. Davids folks have been talking about all of us taking a family trip to Seabrook in January. I will have to share these pictures with them!

  3. What gorgeous photos! I think I see the artistry of Uncle Kevin at work! Hope we all can go there sometime.