Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lovin' life and all our visitors!

Cousins Izzy and Cady.

Cousin Cady
Pretty in Pink. Daddy picked out this outfit and the headband too!

Snoozing through today's visitors.

Visiting with newlyweds Jon and Melissa McGehee.

Hanging out with Jon.

Melissa and Maddie.

Sturgis onesie for Maddie.

Great Grannie Margaret.

At Grandma Jill and Grandpa Randy's celebrating John's birthday.

Grandpa Randy admiring his granddaughter.

Proud Diego.

Cris is such a big boy holding baby Maddie.

Had a really nice visit from Jess, Diego, and Cristian.

Wide awake and checking out this world.

Giving us the "stink" face.

Posing on the changing table.

Getting all warmed up after her first bath here at home.

So fresh and so clean.

Looks like she's liking the post-bath hair style.

Daddy washing our little girl clean.

Getting bathed by mommy.

Trying to be speedy with the bath time.

We are lovin' life with our new little addition. It's so amazing how much joy one little person can bring to our lives. The past week or so has been filled with so much happiness in the Pepper household. Madison seems to be a pretty happy, content little girl. We all know that can change at the drop of a hat, however. :-) She does still need to figure out day from night. Seems as though she has the two mixed up. Must have been my night shift work schedule.

We have really enjoyed the company from many family and friends who have visited over the past week and a half. We cannot thank you all enough for your kind gestures and love.

Went on our first trip to grandma Jill and grandpa Randy's house as a belated birthday celebration for John. His birthday kinda got a little overlooked. But John says he received the best birthday gift yet on July 20th when Madison was born.

I am healing well and feeling pretty good. Looking forward to being able to get out and about a little more easily. Until now I will continue to rest and relax and enjoy my time with my beautiful little girl.

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  1. What adorable photos! We can't wait to see Madison in person. I'm so happy for you.

    Lots of love,
    Mary Robert