Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Three Weeks Old.....And time is sure flying.

She seems to be getting so big!


Gotta key one eye on things.

Loving her Grandma Jill.

Our little Cheetah Girl.

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa.

Meeting "Auntie" Lucy.

Eskimo kisses.

She's definitely "Daddy's Girl"

So incredibly hard to believe that our little girl is already THREE WEEKS OLD! We have had such a fun time getting to know Maddie and all her little quirks. She continues to be nursing well and is looking to us like she is starting to get a little meat on her bones. Can't wait to see the little chubby rolls. He, he, he. Her nighttime sleeping routine is still a little bit of a challenge. I think she can't quite figure out day from night. Must have been my night shift work schedule. Seems as though she sleeps pretty well until about 1am or so then has a tough time falling back to sleep. Often being up for a few hours. John and I are getting used to this routine of hers and are hoping to settle her into a little bit better schedule as she gets a older. For now we just sleep when we can. You just can't be mad at her little face when she wakes up smiling at you!

We continue to busy ourselves with visits from family and friends. And even the occasional outing to Grandma Jill and Grandpa Randy's to see great grandparents and especially Uncle Kevin.

Our big outing begins tomorrow. You might call us crazy, but we are headed out early tomorrow morning for our road trip to Utah to throw Kimber's bridal shower. Madison is really looking forward to meeting her Auntie Kimber....and of course John and I are excited to see her too! Hope Maddie tolerates the 14-15 hour car ride without any problem. Wish us all luck! Will be sure to write a new post or two while we are away.

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  1. Soooo glad that you are all finally here and that I have gotten to meet that precious bundle of love. I posted about her today :) You should check it out. Love you friend and so,SO glad you are here.