Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A wonderful time had by all in Utah! And Madison is ONE MONTH old.

Cousin Jennifer and husband Nathan....expecting their first baby in January!

Adorable little Claire. 16 months old.

Mary Robert, Andrew, and Claire with me, Maddie, and John.

Madison wide-eyed with Grandpa Randy.

So pretty in pink!

There's my happy girl. And she's ONE MONTH old!

Snoozing in the sun at a waterpark in Utah.

Me and my girl.

The bride-to-be and her mom at the bridal shower!

Meeting her Auntie Kimber.

We returned safe and sound from Utah on Monday evening. Definitely bitter sweet to return home as we wish we were able to see Kimber more often. The bridal shower went really well. Met lots of Kimber's wonderful friends and co workers. And she got some good gifts too! :-) Madison again did great on the LONG car ride sleeping most of the time. We were all ready to get out of the car once we returned home.

Now it's back to the 'ol grind here at the Pepper household. John back to work, and house work and laundry to be done. All the while spending time with our adorable daughter who continues to amaze us every day with how sweet and beautiful she is. Hard to believe she is a MONTH old. She seems to really be a happy girl and we just can't get over her smiles. Sleeping at night is often an on again off again thing. We got very lucky in Utah and found that she was sleeping between 5-7 hours straight. Am hoping for that routine to continue. :-)

Had a great day with the family yesterday. Grandma and Grandpa missed Maddie dearly while we were away so we headed down to Sumner to spend some time with the family. My cousin Andrew, his wife Mary Robert, and their daughter Claire are visiting from Kentucky. Madison was a happy girl meeting them and spending the day with more of the family as we got together for a meal of Cornish pasties....a family tradition that we all enjoy. Eventually Maddie will be allowed to have one of her own and I know she will enjoy it!

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