Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Month Check-up

Getting all weighed in.

Have to deduct half an ounce for the diaper.

Just hanging out!

One Month:
Weight: 8 lbs. 5.5 oz. (25th percentile)
Length: 21 3/4 inches (75th percentile)
Head Circumference: 14 1/4 inches (25th percentile)

Today Madison went in for her one month check-up. Of course as a mommy, I was mostly concerned about her gaining weight. Was happy to see that when she was put on the scale she now weighs 8 pounds 5.5 ounces. Still a petite little thing, but remains on her appropriate growth curve in the 25th percentile. The pediatrician was pleased with her weight gain, as was I. Just wanted to be sure she was getting enough to eat and gaining weight appropriately. She tolerated her Hepatitis B Vaccine well. Only cried for a few seconds and as soon as I picked her up she was content as could be.

Our little girl just continues to amaze us every day with her adorable personality and behaviors. Is it possible to love her more and more each day??? Sure seems like it!

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